Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tree Frogs

This makes sense because tree frogs are poisonous. However, scientists recently discovered that tree frogs secrete a chemical called bufotoxin that prevents bearded dragons from eating them.

The Risk Involved With Beardies Eating Frogs?

Bearded dragons shouldn’t eat frogs. Not only are they dangerous to your pet, but they can be harmful to your beardie’s diet. Wild frogs can carry diseases that can harm your bearded dragon. And if you live near water, you may find yourself with a frog problem.

Wild frogs can cause problems for bearded dragons. Some of the diseases that wild frogs can carry include salmonella, cholera, and giardia. These diseases can cause serious illness or death in your bearded dragon.

So if you think that your bearded dragon might enjoy eating frogs, you’d better keep him away from them. You can buy crickets instead.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Tree Frogs?

The green tree frogs are native to Australia and are part of the order Anura. They are closely related to true frogs.

They are also called Australasian tree frogs because they are found throughout the entire continent of Australia.

The green tree frog is a member of the family Hylidae. This family includes tree frogs, poison dart frogs, and fire belly toads.

The green treefrog is a medium sized animal. Its length ranges between 10 and 15 centimeters.

So can bearded dragons eat green tree frogs?

Bearded dragons are reptiles, so they are not able to eat green tree frogs. However, they can still harm your bearded dragon if they accidentally swallow one.

There are several dangers associated with eating green tree frogs.

First, they are poisonous to bearded dragons.

Second, they may carry parasites.

Third, they may cause digestive problems.

And finally, they may break down the skin of your bearded dragon.

Because of this, it’s best for bearded dragons not to eat any green trees frogs. You should only feed them insects and worms instead.


Can I put a frog with my bearded dragon?

Do not let anyone attempt to keep a brand new baby bearded lizard with chameleons and frogs together. They need different temperatures and humidities.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Frogs?

Bearded dragons are reptiles that belong to the lizard family. They’re native to Australia and New Guinea. You can find them in zoos and reptile stores. These lizards are known for being friendly, curious and playful. They’re great pets for children and adults alike.

But, there’s no guarantee that your bearded dragon will actually eat a frog. According to the University of Florida, a male bearded dragon needs a minimum weight of 1.5 to 2 pounds before he can begin eating frogs. And females usually weigh less than males, which means they may only need to reach half of that weight.

So, if you’re thinking about feeding your bearded dragon a frog or any other kind of food, you should probably wait until he or she reaches those weights. Otherwise, you risk getting bitten instead of fed.


The bearded dragon is an interesting creature. It has been known to eat almost anything, including tree frogs. However, it cannot digest tree frog skin. This means that when it eats tree frogs, it actually ends up absorbing toxins from the frogs’ bodies.

So while the bearded dragon might look cute eating tree frogs, it’s actually harming itself by ingesting poisonous substances.