General Bearded dragon behaviour

The general behaviour of pet Bearded dragons can be used as an indicator of their overall mood and health. Normal behaviour is when they are alert most of the time and spend the majority of the day either basking or be on the lookout for food.

Some literature suggests that because of their natural docile nature, it is possible to walk towards and handle a wild Bearded dragon in its natural habitat. Bearded dragons are known for their calm, but still curious nature.

Bearded dragons are most active during the day. Because of their basking behaviour they love spending most of their time on hot surfaces. Strangely they also like to climb to the highest point of their surroundings to bask. Bearded dragons will most often sit on top of each other (which is apparently still unexplained), which make them look like “close bonding” animals.

After feeding, adults might look lazy, stretching out their legs in a basking position, taking a nap, but their eyes should still look alert, especially when there is movement in the proximity.

Bearded dragons are active hunters. It is normal for babies and juveniles Bearded dragons to almost always be hungry and willing to eat. Adults might choose to miss a meal or two when they are basking.

Male Bearded dragons often do what is called head bobbing to look dominant and to impress females. It is also normal for Bearded dragons to inflate the gullar area, or the so-called beard.