Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pineapple?

Bearded dragons are popular pets that require a balanced diet to maintain their health. It’s important to know which foods are safe for them to eat and which ones to avoid.

Bearded dragon owners often wonder if Pineapple is a safe food for their pets to eat. This article will examine the nutritional value of pineapple and its compatibility with the diet of bearded dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pineapple

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pineapple

Bearded dragons can safely eat pineapple, but it’s important to feed it to them in moderation. Pineapple is a good source of vitamins and minerals that can promote healthy skin and boost the immune system. However, too much pineapple can lead to digestive upset and obesity.

Always remove any seeds or tough parts of the fruit before feeding it to your bearded dragon. It’s best to incorporate pineapple into their diet as part of a balanced meal that includes other fruits, vegetables, and protein sources.

Is Pineapple Safe for Bearded Dragons

Pineapple is not toxic for bearded dragons, but it does pose some risks. Pineapple has a lot of sugar, which can lead to health problems for lizards. Additionally, pineapple contains oxalates that can bind with calcium and impair their ability to absorb calcium.

This can cause metabolic bone disease, which can be fatal. Limit pineapple to a few times a month and don’t make it an everyday treat.

Is Pineapple Healthy For Bearded Dragons

It is recommended to offer pineapple to bearded dragons no more than once or twice a month. While it has health benefits like high vitamin C and fiber content, it also has high acidity, sugar, and phosphorus content, which can be harmful. Only feed the fruit itself, not the skin, tops, or core.

Pineapple can help with constipation and promote bone strength, tooth health, and skin health due to its calcium and vitamin A content. It also has high water content, which is important for bearded dragons as they don’t always recognize standing water as a hydration source.

Nutritional Value of Pineapple

Pineapple is a nutritious food for bearded dragons, as it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. It contains high levels of vitamins B1, B6, and C, as well as copper, which helps produce healthy blood cells and reduce tiredness.

Pineapple is also high in calcium, making it a useful food for keeping your bearded dragon’s skeleton healthy. It is both nutritious and readily accepted by bearded dragons, making it a great addition to their diet.

The Nutritional Value Of 100g Of Pineapple

Vitamin C47.8mg
Vitamin A3µg

Health Benefits of Pineapple in Your Bearded Dragon’s Diet

Pineapple can serve as a nutritious snack for bearded dragons, but it is recommended to limit its consumption to once or twice a month. Pineapple has several benefits for your beardie’s diet.

1. Boosted Immune System

Pineapple is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, which can help protect against disease and inflammation, ultimately boosting your pet’s immune system.

2. Smooth Digestion

Pineapple is rich in fiber, which can help with digestion and constipation, ensuring your beardie’s digestive system is working properly.

3. Energy and Metabolism

Pineapples contain carbohydrates, manganese, and water, which generate energy and metabolism, allowing your dragon to chase down insects and enjoy playtime with you.

4. Healthy Organs and Systems

Pineapples contain potassium, copper, folate, vitamin B6, and magnesium, which work together to ensure that your pet’s vital organs and systems are functioning properly, including the heart, cells, brain, blood, and nerves.

Remember to only give your bearded dragon pineapple as an occasional treat to avoid any negative effects on their health.

Health Risks of Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Pineapple

While pineapples offer many benefits for your bearded dragon, there are a few reasons why they should not have it all the time.

1. Oxalates

Pineapples contain oxalates or oxalic acid, which can prevent calcium absorption. This can lead to metabolic bone disease if your beardie regularly eats pineapple. To avoid this, it’s best to limit their intake to once or twice a month.

2. High Sugar Content

Pineapple has a high amount of natural sugar, which can be harmful to your bearded dragon’s health if consumed regularly. Excessive sugar consumption is associated with various health issues, including liver disease, obesity, tooth decay, and potential fatality. Therefore, it’s important to limit their intake of pineapple.

3. High Acidity

Pineapple has high acidity levels that may lead to stomach irritation in beardies, resulting in diarrhea and dehydration. To avoid this, it’s best to offer pineapple in moderation and monitor your pet’s reaction to it.

4. Low Calcium-To-Phosphorus Ratio

Bearded dragons need a high Ca:P ratio to prevent calcium deficiency and Metabolic Bone Disease. Pineapple has a low ratio of 1.6:1, which can prevent calcium absorption and lead to health problems.

How to Prepare Pineapple for Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are not picky eaters, but it’s important to prepare pineapple properly to ensure it’s safe for them to eat. Canned pineapple (in juice, not syrup) or fresh pineapple are both acceptable options.

1. Skin and Core

Do not feed your bearded dragon pineapple skin, leaves, or core. They are too tough and can cause digestive blockages. Carefully remove the skin and examine the core. If it’s tough or woody, remove and dispose of it.

2. Chop Finely

Dice the remaining juicy pineapple into small pieces. This makes it easier for your bearded dragon to consume and mix in with other foods. By properly preparing a pineapple for your pet, you can ensure they stay healthy and happy.

3. Mix with other food items

Your bearded dragon needs a varied diet to avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A diet consisting mainly of low-sugar vegetables such as broccoli and kale, with a small inclusion of fruits like pineapple, is recommended.

4. Place into a bowl

Bearded dragons can be messy eaters, so feeding pineapple in a bowl can limit the mess. Consider placing the bowl on a shallow plate to catch any spilled juice. Remember to remove any uneaten pineapple after a few hours to prevent spoilage.

By following these tips, you can safely and effectively incorporate pineapple into your bearded dragon’s diet.

How Often Can Bearded Dragon Eat Pineapple

It’s best to limit pineapple intake for bearded dragons to once or twice a month to avoid digestive upset and other health issues. Serve a small amount, such as a small slice or two, and pay attention to portion sizes for larger or older bearded dragons.

It’s important to provide a variety of other fruits, vegetables, and protein sources to ensure a balanced diet. Offer leafy greens, carrots, squash, crickets, mealworms, and more to keep your bearded dragon healthy and happy.

How Much Pineapple Can A Bearded Dragon Eat

Bearded dragons should only be given a small amount of pineapple. It is recommended to proceed with caution and observe the individual reaction of your bearded dragon, as each one may respond differently.

Remember to provide a well balanced diet of insects, foods, and veggies, with the ratio varying by age. Consult with your veterinarian for specific recommendations.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Pineapple

No, baby bearded dragons should not eat pineapple because it contains oxalates, a high amount of sugar, and is highly acidic, which can be harmful to their fragile bodies. Offering nutritious foods such as acorn squash, bell peppers, and collard greens can aid in the growth and overall health of individuals.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pineapple Leaves

No, bearded dragons should not eat pineapple leaves. They should only eat the fresh fruit cut into small pieces, as the leaves do not have any nutritional value and are not part of a typical beardie diet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pineapple Skin

It is not recommended to feed bearded dragons pineapple skin due to its toughness, roughness, and potential harm to their digestive system from the presence of small thorns. It’s best to stick to feeding them the flesh of the pineapple instead.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pineapple Core

Bearded dragons should not eat pineapple core because it can be difficult for them to digest and may even pose a choking hazard. While the core is nutritious, it is not as tasty or juicy as the fruit itself, so it’s best to stick to feeding them the flesh of the pineapple.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dried Pineapple

It’s not recommended to give bearded dragons dried pineapple because it has much higher levels of oxalate than fresh pineapple. The oxalate levels in fresh pineapple are minimal at 4mg per cup. It is important to note that dried pineapple may contain high levels of oxalate, with up to 30mg per 1/2 cup. It’s best to avoid dried pineapple in a bearded dragon’s diet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Canned Pineapples

Bearded dragons should not eat canned pineapple because it is low in nutrients compared to fresh pineapple and can contain high levels of oxalate. Canned pineapple may also have added preservatives that could be harmful to your pet. For more information on what foods are safe for bearded dragons to eat, check out our posts on their diet.


What Type of Pineapple Can I Feed My Bearded Dragon?

While bearded dragons can eat fresh, canned, or frozen pineapple, it is recommended to go for fresh fruit whenever possible. Frozen pineapple can throw off their digestive system and canned fruit may have questionable additives. Dried pineapple is also not recommended due to its high sugar content. Pineapple juice should also be avoided.

How Can I Prepare Pineapple For My Bearded Dragon?

To properly prepare pineapple for a bearded dragon, it is recommended to remove the skin and leaves to avoid potential choking or gut impaction. Cut the pineapple into circular pieces and remove the core. Slice the fruit into small pieces and serve with other fruits like kiwi, banana, or mango. Avoid giving dried pineapple or pineapple juice due to their high sugar content.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Other Parts of the Pineapple?

It is recommended that bearded dragons only consume pineapple flesh. Other parts of the fruit such as the leaves, skin, and core can be dangerous or difficult for them to digest. The leaves can be toxic, the skin is rough and covered in thorns, and the core is tough and can cause problems. Stick to feeding your dragon only the flesh of the pineapple.


Bearded dragons can eat pineapple, but only in small amounts. As with any new food, introduce it slowly and watch for any adverse reactions. Remember, a balanced and varied diet is key to keeping your bearded dragon healthy and happy.

So go ahead and offer them a sweet treat every now and then, but don’t forget to also include plenty of leafy greens and protein sources in their meals.