Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers? A Complete Guide

Bearded dragons are fascinating creatures to keep as pets, but they require a balanced diet to stay healthy. As a responsible pet owner, you need to provide your bearded dragon with a variety of foods that are safe for them to eat. One such food that you may be wondering about is cucumbers.

Cucumbers are a popular vegetable that many people enjoy. They are low in calories and high in nutrients, making them a healthy addition to any diet. But can bearded dragons eat cucumbers?

In this article, we’ll explore the nutritional value of cucumbers, whether they are safe for bearded dragons to eat, and how to feed them to your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers

Bearded dragons can eat cucumbers, but only in moderation. It’s important to prepare them correctly by washing, removing the skin, and chopping them into small pieces. Although cucumbers are safe for bearded dragons to consume, they are not a natural part of their diet. Since cucumbers have poor nutritional value, they should not be a staple food.

These items are rich in essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. There are many other healthier vegetable and leafy green options available for your bearded dragon, so it’s best to save cucumbers as an occasional treat.

Types Of Cucumbers Bearded Dragons Can Eat

Bearded dragons can eat various types of cucumbers, with the most common being English cucumbers. This particular type of cucumber features a longer length and thinner skin, with a color spectrum from dark green to light green at the blossom end. Bearded dragons prefer the softer and more flavorful flesh of these cucumbers over other varieties.

Other types of cucumbers that bearded dragons can eat include Diva, Ashley, Muncher, Straight Eight, Sweet Success, and Green Fingers Persian cucumbers. Each type has its own unique flavor and texture, with some being seedless and others having larger seeds that need to be removed before serving.

It is important to wash the cucumber before serving and to peel the skin if it is too tough for the bearded dragon to eat.

Nutritional Value of Cucumbers

The Nutritional Value Of 100g, Raw, Peeled Cucumber Are As Follow

Nutrient NamePeeled Amount
Water96 %
Protein0.59 g
Calcium14 mg
Phosphorus21 mg
Sugar1.38 g
Fiber0.7 g
Vitamin C3.2 mg
Vitamin K7.2ug
Potassium136 mg

Benefits Of Cucumbers for Bearded Dragons

Cucumbers can be a good occasional treat for bearded dragons, as they contain some vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for their health. Although bearded dragons require the same vitamins as other vertebrates, their sensitive and fragile digestive system makes it challenging to meet their nutritional requirements.

Cucumbers are low in nutrients, but they are not very acidic, making them gentle on a dragon’s digestive system. The small boost of vitamin C in cucumbers can help fight oxidative stress and restore cells, which is crucial for a bearded dragon’s health. Cucumbers also contain fiber, which aids in their digestive health, but too much fiber can cause problems such as runny stool and dehydration.

Additionally, cucumbers are a good source of vitamin K and potassium, which are essential for blood clotting, a healthy nervous system, and maintaining a regular heartbeat. Cucumbers are also low in oxalic acid, making them a safe vegetable to feed your dragon.

Health Risks of Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Cucumbers

While cucumbers may seem like a healthy option for your bearded dragon, there are several health risks associated with feeding them this vegetable. One major concern is the calcium to phosphorus ratio, which should be between 1.5:1 and 2:1 in favor of calcium for bearded dragons. However, cucumbers have a ratio of 0.7:1 in favor of phosphorus, which can lead to Metabolic Bone Disease.

Additionally, cucumbers are 95% water and can cause diarrhea if overfed, leading to severe dehydration. The low nutrient profile of cucumbers also means that they do not provide enough quality nutrition to be a staple diet food. Moreover, the tough skin and large, hard seeds of cucumbers can cause constipation and block the digestive tract.

As a result, feeding your bearded dragon cucumbers can lead to various health problems, including Metabolic Bone Disease and calcium deficiency.

Do Cucumbers Cause Diarrhea In Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are adapted to living in desert environments, which means that they have unique adaptations for retaining water. While cucumbers may seem like a healthy snack due to their high water content, consuming too much of them can be harmful to your pet. In fact, overhydration from eating too many cucumbers can lead to digestive issues and diarrhea in bearded dragons.

This can be dangerous as it can cause dehydration, which can be life-threatening for your pet. Therefore, it’s important to monitor your bearded dragon’s cucumber intake and limit it to avoid any potential health issues.

How to Feed Cucumber to Your Bearded Dragon

It’s important to prepare cucumbers correctly before feeding them to your pet. First, make sure to select a fresh cucumber without any blemishes or wrinkles. Then, wash it thoroughly to remove any dirt or chemicals. Peel the cucumber, as bearded dragons should not consume the skin. Cut the peeled cucumber into small, bite-sized pieces appropriate for your pet.

While it’s not necessary, you can also remove any large, hard seeds to prevent choking or constipation. Small, soft cucumber seeds are safe for your bearded dragon to eat, but make sure they’re easy to swallow. By following these steps, you can safely and effectively feed cucumbers to your bearded dragon.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers

Bearded dragons should only have cucumbers every other week to avoid any potential health risks. While cucumbers are safe for bearded dragons to eat, they don’t provide enough vitamins and minerals to be a staple food in their diet.

So, if you’re planning on giving your bearded dragon some cucumber, make sure to do it in moderation.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber

Cucumbers are a safe and enjoyable food for baby bearded dragons. You can prepare the cucumbers for them in the same way as you would for adult bearded dragons. However, keep in mind that the diet of baby bearded dragons should consist of only 15-20% vegetation, so it might be better to offer more nutritionally valuable options.

Cucumbers can be given to baby bearded dragons occasionally and in moderation, just like adult bearded dragons.


Do Bearded Dragons Like to Eat Cucumbers?

Bearded dragons can consume cucumber, but not all pets may like it. Taste preferences vary among dragons, and although cucumber offers hydration and fiber, it is not recommended as a primary food source.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mini Cucumbers?

Bearded dragons are capable of eating mini cucumbers as part of their diet. They have the same nutrients as regular cucumbers. All types of cucumber are safe for bearded dragons if prepared correctly. Nutritional differences are not significant enough to cause concern.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber Leaves?

Although bearded dragons are able to consume cucumber leaves, it is not advised unless the leaves are entirely organic. It is recommended to provide alternative leafy greens to your dragon instead. While the leaves of cucumbers are not harmful, they lack the necessary vitamins and minerals that are required for your dragon’s health.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumber Peels?

It is not recommended for Bearded dragons to consume cucumber peels due to the tough texture which may pose a choking or digestive risk. Removing the skin can also eliminate any remaining chemicals.

Can Bearded Dragons Have Cucumber Seeds?

Cucumber seeds should be avoided as food for bearded dragons due to the risk of choking and digestive problems. This is because dragons are not able to digest them properly.

How Much Cucumber Can I Feed to Bearded Dragons?

According to experts, it is recommended to feed diced cucumber flesh to dragons once every two weeks, and the amount should not exceed half a handful. Cucumbers are a source of healthy nutrients and can serve as a safe supplement to your dragon’s diet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers Daily?

Feeding a bearded dragon excessive amounts of cucumbers may lead to digestive issues and diarrhea. Young dragons eat mostly insects and a small amount of vegetables. Adults eat more vegetables but still require insects in their diet. Feed adult dragons vegetables daily alongside insects.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Old Cucumbers?

Don’t feed your bearded dragon old or expired cucumbers. Expired fruits lose their nutrients and can harm your pet’s health. Fruits provide essential nutrients, but once they expire, they lose their goodness. Providing bearded dragons with spoiled fruit can have negative effects on their health.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pickled Cucumbers?

Pickles contain saltwater, vinegar, and spices. Bearded dragons cannot consume vinegar due to its high acidity. Only pickles with saltwater are safe for them to eat. Avoid feeding pickles with vinegar or chili to prevent digestion issues.


In conclusion, bearded dragons can definitely eat cucumbers as part of a balanced diet. However, it’s important to remember that they should only be given in moderation and as a supplement to their main diet of insects and leafy greens.

With proper care and attention, your bearded dragon can enjoy a variety of healthy foods and live a long, happy life. So go ahead and add some cucumbers to their plate, but don’t forget to mix it up with other nutritious options too!