Using programmable electric timers for Bearded dragon lighting

Programmable electric timers (or simply electric timers) can be used to switch lighting on and off at desired times. When used with a roster, it allows better control and a more natural recreation of day-night cycles – improving the overall experience of a Bearded dragon.

Commercial electric timers come in the form of electric power socket extensions into which power-consuming apparatus are plugged. For Bearded dragons, electric timers can be used to control ultraviolet (UV) and heat lighting. The purpose of the timer mechanism is to determine, exactly, when the apparatus should be on or off. Timer mechanisms can be in the form of a rotating wheel representing a 24-hour period or can be digital.

Examples of commercial different electric timers that can be used to switch lights on and off.

Electric timers can be used to switch lighting and heating on in the early morning and off again late at night. This allows more freedom, but still more control for Bearded dragon keepers. Having more control, the perfect photoperiod can be programmed during each season of the year. An accepted photoperiod for summer is 14 hours light and 10 hours dark. During winter the day/night cycle is closer to 12 hours each. Both the lighting and heating sources are to follow the same time patterns, but each should be connected to its own electric timer.

Programmable electric timers are available from electrical, general hardware, and multipurpose stores or can be bought online.