Bearded Dragon Prices: How Much Does a Bearded Dragon Cost?

Bearded dragons are becoming increasingly popular as household pets. With their amusing behavior, wide array of colors, and ability to get along with people, it’s no wonder they’re gaining so much attention!

But while they may seem like the perfect pet, there are a few considerations that come into play before buying one. One of the biggest considerations is price. How much will it cost to get a bearded dragon?

The answer depends on what type of bearded dragon you’re getting and where you’re getting it from.

In this article, we will look at the pricing of different types of bearded dragons and what factors into the cost.

What is the Price Range for Bearded Dragons?

When it comes to buying a bearded dragon, the cost of one can vary depending on various factors. Generally speaking, purchasing a baby bearded dragon from a pet store can range between $40 and $75. Adults, however, are typically more expensive due to the fact that their care is much more costly over time, plus the difficult part of feeding juveniles is already taken care of.

Another factor that affects how much a bearded dragon cost is its morph variations. There are over 20 different kinds of morphs for bearded dragons, each with its own unique price range based on color, pattern, scalation, or size. The most costly bearded dragon is the zero morph which can sell for as much as $900!

Overall, when buying a bearded dragon you need to consider not just the initial cost but all other associated expenses like food and veterinary bills as well. With proper care and attention, these amazing creatures can make great pets for years to come!

What Is the Cost of Purchasing a Bearded Dragon?

If you are considering purchasing a bearded dragon for your home, you might be wondering how much does it cost? The price of a beardie can depend on multiple factors such as the life cycle stage and the morph variation.

A baby beardie will typically cost less than an adult one since they come with additional requirements like raising and diet needs. Similarly, the morph variation of your beardie plays a role in its final price tag. Morph variations refer to their pattern, scalation, size, and color which usually determine their cost.

Beardie TypeAverage cost ($)Description (Color)Availability
Zero Morph300-900Snow-whiteVery rare
Common Beardie40-75Dark brown or tanCommon
Red Beardie50-300Various shades of redCommon
Leatherback100-500Smooth backUncommon
Silkback100-200Spikes absentUncommon
Yellow Beardie100-300A ranging shade of yellowCommon
Translucent200-450Lighter color profile, clear spikesUncommon
Orange morph100-200Various yellow shadesUncommon
Dunner300-500Varied markingsUncommon

If you’re thinking about getting a pet bearded dragon, you might be wondering how much it will cost you. The cost of a bearded dragon depends on the type, age, size and where you get it from. Generally, a juvenile or adult bearded dragon can cost anywhere from $40 to over $100.

The Cost Of Required Supplies

If you are planning on getting a Bearded Dragon, there are several supplies that you’ll need to purchase in order to provide your furry little friend with the best possible home. Of course, the biggest upfront cost is purchasing your Bearded Dragon itself, but beyond that there are still other supplies to consider.

Initial One-Off Setup Cost: $200 – $1000

Setting up your bearded dragon’s new enclosure before bringing them home is an absolute must! And while it requires quite a bit of investment upfront, it’s important to note that the initial one-off setup cost you should be expecting is between $200 and $1000.

ItemPrice (USD)
50 to 120-gallon Glass Tank$100 – $500
UVA Basking Lamp Fixture$15 – $30
T5 UVB Fixture$15 – $80
Reptile Mat (Substrate)$5 – $30
Ceramic Heating Element$15 – $25
Food Dish$2 – $10
Bath Dish$10 – $30
Hides$5 – $40
Branches$5 – $25
Hammocks$5 – $35
Plants (real or fake)$5 – $15
Digital Thermostats x 2$5 – $40
(Hygrometer) Humidity Gauges$5 – $15
Timer$10 – $25
Total$200 – $1000


When it comes to buying an enclosure, terrarium, or tank for your bearded dragon, you should expect to pay anywhere from $100-$150 for the basic reptile tank and from $300 and up for the more fancy vivarium-style enclosures. One way you can save some money is by finding a used enclosure.

It’s important to keep in mind that when shopping for a used enclosure, properly sanitation is a must. After purchasing a used tank, make sure to give it a thorough clean before setting it up. It’s also wise to include in your budget an extra $30 for the screen lid as this will be an important part of keeping your bearded dragon secure and safe.

Last but not least, it’s best to get the biggest enclosure possible when first starting out as “upgrading later will cost you more money” according to expert tips. A larger enclosure will give your pet plenty of room needed to exercise which is very important!

What are the expenses related to owning a Bearded Dragon?

When calculating the cost, it is important to factor in everything from food and vet visits to extra live insects when necessary. On average, you should expect to spend anywhere from $1000 – $2000 for the first year of supplies and care for one bearded dragon.

It is essential that you create a budget for yourself before purchasing or adopting a bearded dragon so that you can ensure its proper care. Researching products and prices beforehand will help too!

Understanding what kind of items need to be purchased regularly combined with unexpected costs can give a better indication of how much money you’ll be needing for the total costs associated with bearded dragons.

ItemPrice in Dollars
Initial Cost of Bearded Dragon$75 (one time)
Enclosure and furniture$400 (one time)
Heating/Lighting/Electricity$105 (yearly)
Cleaning/Substrate$40 (yearly)
Food$450 (yearly)
Vet Visits$100 per visit

Factors determining the price of a Bearded dragon

The price of a Bearded dragon is one of the first financial decisions a new keeper needs to make. Prices will vary significantly from country to country and even town to town. The financial value of a Bearded dragon is determined by a couple of factors. This article will discuss a couple of them.

Apart from the simplest of financial determining factors, i.e. the supply and demand chain, there are other factors determining the price of a Bearded dragon that is up for sale. These include, but are not limited to the country/area it is sold from, its size, color and pattern morph, its quality, and the age it is sold at.

Because Bearded dragons are established pets and are bred in large numbers, their prices are relatively low in comparison with other lizards and even snakes. Generally, their prices are on the decline.


When looking at one’s own country or area, the price of a new Bearded dragon will be relative to the cost of your own living standards. Prices will vary because of the possible need for permits, environmental temperatures, the commercial availability of accessories, etc. All these factors affect the price of keeping and sustaining the parents of the offspring to be sold.

Size, colour and pattern morphs

When it comes to special genes one would often fork out (significantly) more money. While some morphs are still possibly ‘undiscovered’, certain color and pattern morphs are already available from some Bearded dragon breeders. The parents of special morphs were often expensive to obtain (and sustain) in the first place. What adds even more to their financial value is their rarity, the fact that it can take multiple generations to sustain and that controlled breeding should take place.


While some breeders will go the ‘extra mile’ to ensure healthy, well-raised Bearded dragons, some Bearded dragons will not be lucky enough to enjoy the same compassion. Raising a strong, healthy Bearded dragon baby takes time, space, effort, knowledge, and money. That is why these babies will be sold for higher prices.

Although not all stock might be imported illegally, or from the wild, imported Bearded dragons will often be sold for much cheaper prices. When a conscious decision has been made to support the trade of imported stock, one must consider the high incidence of diseases.


Older Bearded dragons have enjoyed the luxury of being looked after for a longer period of time – increasing their financial value. Juvenile Bearded dragons, as suppose to baby Bearded dragons, are often stronger and of higher quality, which makes them more suitable to be sold. One must be careful when it comes to adult Bearded dragons though. Old females that have reached the end of their breeding life might also be sold from time to time, and although more expensive, expectations must be carefully considered.

It is recommended to only buy healthy animals from reputable pet shops and breeders and to make sure to buy animals that are captive-bred in your own country so that it is not illegally imported or caught from the wild.


In conclusion, Bearded Dragon prices can vary depending on their size and age. But no matter what your budget is, you’ll find that these gentle, friendly reptiles make great pets for all ages. They are relatively low-maintenance, easy-to-care-for animals with wonderful personalities and lovely colorings who reward you with their affection and loyalty.

So if you’re considering a pet to love, why not consider the unique and lovable bearded dragon? It might just be the perfect companion for you!