Bearded dragon mating behaviour

Bearded dragons are calm and docile creatures, but during the breeding season, they can change into little aggressive breeding monsters. During this time, Bearded dragons will show the typical, what looks like aggressive, mating behavior towards their mates and keepers.

Bearded dragon mating behaviour

During the mating season, a breeding pair will show much more interest in each other, especially the male towards females. Mating behaviour is typically characterized by the male on top of his female counterpart, biting her neck and beard to hold on for copulation. Their tails will be intertwined to allow the reproductive organs to meet. Also, see Bearded dragon breeding for more information.

The breeding season will also go with a lot of head bobbing movements, and some form of hostility towards other Bearded dragons, humans, and even live food. Behaviours like the opening of the mouth and the darkening, to a black to gun metal black color, of the beard and large parts of the body are frequently seen.

Male Bearded dragon showing off his large, black beard.

A frequent consequence of mating behavior is bite marks in the neck and mouth area of mating females. Some couples might also refuse to eat and lose weight during this period.

Female Bearded dragon with bite marks on her lips & beard because of aggressive mating behaviour.

Bearded dragon mating

The mating process of Bearded dragons is vigorous. Courtship involves mounting and holding on by the male. Bite marks are usually visible on the dorsal head, beard, lips, and front legs of adult females during the breeding season. Flapping of the forelegs by the male may occur while holding the female. To signal the male to release the female will lift her head into an almost vertical position.