Bearded dragon eating behaviour

When it comes to food, Bearded dragons are hunters and considered ferocious eaters. As pets, there should only be a few times a healthy Bearded dragon will even leave a snack behind.

A Bearded dragon will generally sit and wait until something tasty looking comes along. When this happens, the Bearded dragon will either dash or run onto its direction and grab its prey. This will continue until the Bearded dragons is full.

It is normal for healthy Bearded dragons to eat quite a lot. Juvenile and adult Bearded dragons can eat up to a few dozen adult crickets in one sitting. Underfed Bearded dragons will be even more ferocious when it come to food.

Babies vs. adult Bearded dragons

When looking a bit closer, the eating behaviour of adult Bearded dragons and baby Bearded dragons  might be slightly different. Baby Bearded dragons, especially after relocation to a new environment, can be a bit more cautious when it come to live food items. Some might prefer larger items, while other might prefer, many, smaller items. Although they are known not to always eat a lot, baby Bearded dragons should always look interested in moving insects.

On the other hand, it is normal for a healthy juvenile and adult Bearded dragons to eat almost anything that pass by. Adult Bearded dragons are also known to show variation in their eating behaviour. It is often normal to have days where they won’t eat anything at all, especially if they had a large meal a day or two before. These periods will be even more pronounced during brumation.

Types of food

Bearded dragons are classified as being omnivorous, meaning they eat a variety of foods, including plants/greens and live foods. Alse see what greens to feed Bearded dragons for more information. Adult Bearded dragons will often prefer more greens over live insects.