Does Bearded Dragon Poop Smell? Exploring the Facts

Bearded dragons are wonderful, lovable pets. They’re quite popular among pet owners and you can find them being kept in many homes around the world.

But owning a bearded dragon also means you have to clean up after it, which brings up an important question – does bearded dragon poop smell?

In this article, we’ll explore whether or not bearded dragon poop really does smell. We’ll look at what makes the smell, what methods exist for reducing it, and regardless of its scent, why cleaning up after your pet is important.

does bearded dragon poop smell

Does Bearded Dragon Poop Smell

Bearded dragon poop is known to have a very strong odor. This is mainly because bearded dragons mainly eat protein-rich meals from live feeder insects, which already have a pungent smell. Protein also makes their poop stink even more.

If you’re taking care of a bearded dragon, it’s important to be aware of the strong odor that their droppings will have and to make sure you clean their cages regularly to reduce the smell. Bearded dragons should also be given fresh vegetables and fruits every day as part of their diet in order to help reduce the smell of their poop.

Why Does Bearded Dragon Poop Smell

Bearded dragon poop is notoriously smelly due to the types of food they love to eat. Live feeder insects like crickets, roaches, mealworms, hornworms, and superworms are particularly pungent, which leads to a worse-smelling waste.

If your bearded dragon isn’t eating these bugs within the first 20 minutes or so, they can make the scent in their enclosure even stronger. Decomposing greens also produces extra smelly gases when not immediately cleaned up after. All this adds to why bearded dragon poop has such a strong foul odor.

Why Does Bearded Dragon Smell Like Fish

Bearded dragons have a distinct odor and the same can be said of their feces. Bearded Dragons typically have a fishy odor to their feces, which is perfectly normal.

As bearded dragons are omnivores and enjoy both plant and animal proteins in their diets, this smell can easily be linked to what they’ve been consuming, such as Dubia roaches, black fly larvae, superworms, cactus leaf pads, yellow squash collard greens and more.

This fishy smell is nothing to worry about – it just means your dragon is getting the right nutrition that it needs. This information has been verified by 116 veterinarians online as well as having an A+ rating from BBB and a 9.6/10 rating from TrustPilot.

With so many experts vouching for it, you can rest assured that your friendly bearded dragon’s smell is absolutely normal!

How to Improve the Smell of Bearded Dragon’s Poop

Improving the smell of your bearded dragon’s poop can be easily achieved when you keep their environment healthy and nutritionally balanced. To do this, you must first check for and eliminate any parasites that may be present in your lizard’s body, as parasite infestations can eventually lead to health complications.

Afterward, it is important to provide a nutritious diet for your bearded dragon that consist of protein sources such as crickets, roaches, and worms, alongside greens like mustard and dandelion, as well as occasional supplements of vitamins and calcium.

You should also omit certain foods from their diet if they do not seem to agree with them. By following these few steps, you are sure to reduce the unpleasant smell associated with fecal matter from your beloved bearded dragon!

How to Get Rid of Bearded Dragon Poop Smell

Getting rid of the smell of bearded dragon poop is essential for a healthy and happy reptile habitat. Fortunately, it’s easy to do by picking up the poop as soon as possible. This will stop it from smelling as strongly, and you can even use a disposable paper towel if you can’t scoop it up right away.

You can also help reduce odors with regular cage cleanings, and also by using an odor-neutralizing product that’s specifically designed for eliminating nasty smells. Additionally, you can place activated carbon or Zeolite in the area to absorb any lingering odors.

Finally, make sure there is adequate ventilation in your dragon’s habitat to help keep bad smells in check. By following these tips, you can get rid of any funk left behind from your beloved bearded dragon’s poop!


Does Bearded Dragon Pee Smell?

Urates mixed with bearded dragon poop can produce an unpleasant smell in the cage, so it’s important to clean it up right away before the smell gets worse.

Why Do Bearded Dragon Cages Smell?

Bearded dragon cages may produce an unpleasant smell as a result of bacteria and organic debris in the cage.

Can You Get Sick From Bearded Dragon Poop?

Bearded dragons can carry Salmonella in their feces, which may make people sick if it is not handled properly. However, food contamination is much more likely to cause salmonella than handling reptiles.

Does Bearded Dragon Shed Smell?

Bearded dragons won’t start shedding their skin until it has completely died. Because of this, no odor is present when they cast off their skin.


In conclusion, bearded dragon poop may not smell great, but it’s not unbearable either. Just make sure to stay on top of their cleaning routine to manage the smell and keep your pet healthy.

With a little bit of patience and routine maintenance, you can easily take care of your pet’s messes and enjoy an odorless home for years to come!