Bearded dragon basking lamps

Basking lamps make great heat sources for Bearded dragons. Using them correctly will create basking areas and create basking behaviour in these pets.

Types of Bearded dragon basking lamps

Various commercial infra red Bearded dragon basking lamps are available, but cheaper spot light bulbs can also be used. Heat lamps will differ with regard to their fitting type, mounting type, wattage and colour. Higher wattages generally emits more heat, but is more expensive to run.

This is a simple lampshade holder that is mounted on the outside of a container.

Obtaining the correct temperature

Obtaining the correct temperature is vital in creating a natural basking spot for Bearded dragons and stimulate basking behaviour. A basking spot temperature of 40 ºC / 104 ºF with a natural temperature drop to 24 – 34 ºC / 75 – 93 ºF towards the other side of the container should be created. To make it more appealing, the basking lamp should be mounted to emit heat over an elevated area, such as a log or a rock.

Digital thermometer

The perfect basking lamp type, size and distance from the basking surface will also depend on the ventilation, ambient room temperature and size of the enclosure.

Various mounting combinations should be tested with a reliable thermometer before the final mount. Thermostats are also a great way to prevent overheating.

Digital thermostats can be used to switch heat lamps on when the temperature is too cold and off again when temperature reaches a certain level.

The lamp fitting

Basking lamps for Bearded dragons can either use a bayonet type fitting or a screw-in fitting. Make sure to buy the appropriate fitting for the light source used.

Mounting types

Depending on the type of enclosure, Bearded dragon basking lamps can either be fitted inside the enclosure or placed above or on the mesh lid on top of the enclosure.

Common mistakes and warnings

  • Heat lamps are generally not ultraviolet lamps. These are completely different lighting.
  • Because most Bearded dragon enclosures are closed, overheating is a real threat. Test and test again before the final mount.
  • Allow at least a 30 cm / 12″ distance between the lamp and basking surface to prevent direct contact with the Bearded dragon.
  • Try to prevent small gaps surrounding the heat lamp to prevent climbing related injuries.
  • Check all electrical equipment and its wiring including the basking lamps at least every three months.

Heat lamp availability

  • Electrical suppliers and general purpose stores
  • Specialized reptile pet shops
  • Online stores such as BangGood and Amazon