Upgrading Your Bearded Dragon’s Home: Essential Accessories

To keep Bearded dragons as pet, additional accessories in the form of enclosure heating and lighting will be required. These accessories are vital in creation of a desert environment in which Bearded dragons will thrive.

The keeping of pet Bearded dragons was made significantly easier with the commercialisation of compact light sources and even more with the latest advances in artificial ultraviolet lighting sources. Additional accessories such as electrical timers, electrical thermostats and thermometers make it easy to control these devices.

Heat sources

For Bearded dragons heating, and lighting (see below), is supplied by using compact light sources. Heat pads and heat rocks are also popular, but should be used with caution. Overhead heating, with their appropriate connectors (fittings), can be installed in strategic places within the enclosure – away from coming in direct contact with Bearded dragons. The energy emitted by these sources are used as heat by Bearded dragons.

Heat sources can be any light source that emits the appropriate amount of heat, but commercial reptile heat lights come in the form of infra red lamps. The wattage of these lights usually determines their strengths. Heat sources can be used with thermometers and thermostats (see below). Also see correct Bearded dragon heating for more information…

Light sources

Recommended light source for Bearded dragons should be in the form of a commercial ultraviolet (UV) lighting. As with heating, lighting also needs to be installed inside the enclosure.

Commercial UV lighting comes in different shapes, sizes and strengths. Popular setups include incandescent spotlights and tube lights. Light sources can be used with electrical timers (see below). Also see Bearded dragon UV lighting for more information…


Thermometers are devices that measures the temperature. They can come in the form of simple chemical thermometers or more advanced digital ones. Also see Bearded dragon thermometers for more information…


A thermostat is an electrical device that controls heat emitting devices by only allowing it to function when a desired temperature range is achieved. In other words, they can be used to switch heat sources off when the temperature is too hot, or switch them on when the temperature is too low. Also see Bearded dragon thermostats for more information…

Environment Affects Behaviors

It is clear that the environment has a large effect on the behaviors of animals such as bearded dragons. Stress responses due to changes, high levels of disturbances, and stimulating environments can cause disease in reptiles. This is why it is important to create an environment that is consistent and stimulating, one that supports its natural behavior.

Natural accessories like branches, vines, and rocks can be used to encourage thermoregulation, brumation, foraging, drinking, sheltering, digging, and climbing. These are essential for the healthy development of any reptile.

On the other hand, when animals do not have access to the right environment or accessories can lead to negative behaviors such as repetitive behavior, lethargy, aggression fear destructive behaviors, loss of appetite, and self-mutilation.

Bearded Dragon Accessories

When it comes to choosing the best accessories for your bearded dragon, it’s important to go for something that is both inexpensive and natural. Rocks and branches can be used to create a design that provides basking, climbing, and hiding spots, while still being economically friendly.

By designing their habitat with the right accessories, you are able to promote healthy behaviors such as digging, drinking, eating, and resting. In addition, investing in the right items can help keep your dragon’s femoral pores and nails in check, support shedding and provide them with stability.

If you don’t have access to rocks or branches nearby, there are many other materials you can use instead such as firewood or clay bricks. It’s also essential to take necessary steps such as cleaning the items intended to be used as accessories so as to eliminate any potential parasites like mites or chemicals like pesticides or herbicides.

Branches and Wood

Branches and wood for bearded dragons are absolutely essential for providing a comfortable, natural environment. For starters, it’s very natural for bearded dragons to climb, and having branches allows them to express this behavior in the most optimal way by increasing the available surface area in the enclosure.

Furthermore, these branches give your pet bearded dragon optimal conditions for thermoregulation; they can adjust their position to be exactly at their desired distance from heat and light sources.

Lastly, branches also serve as an important tool when it comes time to do some personal grooming and help with shedding skin! Providing wide, sloped ramps and planks of wood will make it easier for even handicapped bearded dragons with missing claws or toes to climb around and take care of themselves.

In summary, branches and wood are incredibly useful accessories that will benefit your beloved pet bearded dragon immensely!

Choosing Branch and Wood Accessories

When it comes to choosing branch and wood accessories for your reptile’s enclosure, safety should always be your top priority. When shopping around for branches, look for ones that have a rough surface so your reptile can grip the branch with its claws more easily. If you’re unsure of whether the tree branches in your area are suitable for use in an enclosure, opt for some from a pet shop instead – that way, you know they’ll be safe.

If you can’t find any suitable tree branches, try looking at rougher sawn jarrah or untreated garden stakes instead. These won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as actual branches but they’ll do the job! If the wood is too smooth, you can use a saw or hammer claw to create texture.

You can also purchase beach wood from pet shops if you’re after something more attractive but bear in mind that it won’t come in very large sizes. Branches are available from pet stores as well but may cost quite a bit.


Rocks are incredibly useful accessories for bearded dragons. Not only do they provide enrichment, but there are plenty of other benefits as well. First off, rocks can help promote healthy growth and development as large structural pieces. They also provide a safe space for bearded dragons to burrow and climb, which is great exercise!

Lastly, having rocks in the cage helps with humidity control by creating spaces where airflow can help regulate moisture levels. All these reasons make rocks a super useful and important addition when setting up a home for your furry friend!

Basking Accessory

Rocks are the perfect basking accessory for your bearded dragon’s enclosure. Not only do they look great, but they also provide a great place for your bearded dragon to relax and soak up some sun from their spot lamp. The basking surface is essential for helping your pet retain an optimal body temperature so that it can maintain good health.

Personal Cleaning Station

Bearded dragons need a personal cleaning station and rocks can do the trick! Because of their rough surfaces, bearded dragons can rub their femoral pores and help remove shedding skin, as well as keep their nails well-trimmed. The rock surface also helps them maintain a nice shine to their scales.

Using rocks as a personal cleaning station is safe and convenient for bearded dragons, giving them an easy way to groom themselves without any additional mess or fuss.

Hiding or Burrow Accessory

Rocks make a great hiding or burrow accessory for Bearded Dragons. The rocks can be stacked together to provide the perfect place for your dragon to hide underneath, while also providing them with a basking station at the same time.

With the stacked stones, your Bearded Dragon will have plenty of places to explore and relax in an environment that’s designed specifically for them.

Rocks for Bearded Dragons House

When looking for the best rocks to provide a home for your Bearded Dragon, remember to look for ones with at least slightly rough surfaces. These will help your pet grip and provide something abrasive enough for it to rub against. Smooth rocks won’t be of any use here.

Clay bricks can also be very useful and will allow you to create burrows for your dragon. You just need to make sure that all of the edges are rounded off so that they won’t cut into your little friend’s skin. They can easily be softened with a hammer, an electric grinder, or even a metal file.

If there isn’t an appropriate rock in your area, don’t worry too much – they can easily be picked up at hardware or landscaping stores so you’re sure to find something suitable!


Vines are an amazing accessory to have in a bearded dragon enclosure not only to provide enjoyable activity but also to create a beautiful display. Artificial vines are easy to bend into any shape that is desired and will keep its form. And when coupled with other climbing toys, such as branches and logs, you can use the thinner vines to intertwine everything together for added stability.

The thicker vines also make for great climbing surfaces for your bearded dragon. They create an inviting scene where your pet can explore and climb around to get some exercise. So if you’re looking for a unique way to enrich your reptile’s life, then consider introducing some artificial vines into their habitat – it’s sure to keep them active and their enclosure looking amazing!

Live Plants

Bearded Dragons love their accessories and one of the greatest additions to a Bearded Dragon house is live plants. Not only will these plants be climbed on, but they can also be eaten! Keeping multiple plants allow for a rotation of plants so that when one becomes tired from being climbed on or eaten, there’s another one ready to take its place.

If you’re looking to increase humidity in your Bearded Dragon’s enclosure, adding real plants will definitely help. However, it’s important to make sure that the humidity isn’t already too high before adding them as this could further increase the level of moisture in the habitat.

Fake Plants

Fake plants can be a great alternative to real plants, offering many benefits and convenience. For one thing, they can provide a hiding place when grouped together. They also make great climbing objects with strong stems and are visually appealing, making any space even more enjoyable.

At the same time, there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind when selecting artificial plants for your bearded dragon. For starters, it is important to keep them away from heat sources in order to reduce the risk of fire.

Additionally, make sure that the plants you select cannot be pulled apart easily by your pet and can be cleaned with ease. Furthermore, if the plant would be safe for a two-year-old child to play with, then it is probably suitable for your bearded dragon too.

Burrows and Hiding Spots

Burrows and hiding spots are a great addition to the habitat of any bearded dragon. If you’re on a budget, even something as simple as a cardboard box can be repurposed into an amazing hide. All you need is a bit of hay to line the inside and your pet will love it! Plus, since cardboard boxes are so disposable, you can easily switch them out for new ones during cleaning.

If you want something a little more natural-looking, try combining rocks and branches with some foliage coverage. This gives your scaly friend something that resembles their natural home in the wild and provides them with much-needed privacy. With added burrows and hiding spots to choose from, your bearded dragon will have plenty of places in its habitat to explore, lounge in, or just hide away whenever they need some much-needed time alone.


When it comes to selecting the right substrate for your Bearded Dragon’s terrarium, you should approach the choice with thoughtfulness and care. This is because the substrate can not only provide a safe surface for your Beardie to move around on, but it also serves as an important factor in their overall hygiene.

Depending on which substrate you choose, it might require cleaning or replacing more often than others. For instance, if you opt for something like a large sheet-like covering that covers the entire bottom of the terrarium – such as cut-outs of artificial turf or carpet – then the entire thing needs to be taken out and cleaned or replaced entirely.

On the other hand, if you go with something like sand or mineral-based materials that can be sifted like cat litter – these require less frequent maintenance. However, bear in mind that example finer substrates make posing an increased risk of accidental ingestion by your Bearded Dragon which could lead to impactions if left unchecked.

Dishes for food and water

When it comes to keeping your Beardie healthy and happy, having the right dishes for their food and water is essential. It’s important to keep their water fresh and clean, so spot check the dish at least once a day and thoroughly clean it out once a week. If you want an easy way to make sure your pet always has access to water, an automated water dispenser may be a perfect choice.

Additionally, if you’ve noticed that your Beardie loves to lounge and soak in their watering dish, getting one large enough for them to do so can be beneficial too! Make sure that whatever dish you’re using is easily removable since adding or removing water from their environment is one of the best ways to maintain the Beardie’s humidity level.

Heat Lamp

Bearded Dragons need a two-sided terrarium to ensure they have both a warm area and a cooler side. A heat lamp is an absolute necessity for keeping your Beardie happy and healthy.

The reflector dome is the main part of the heat lamp that focuses the light and heat into their enclosure, and it should be highly reflective with good heat dissipation to better control the environment’s temperature.

Then there are bulbs – basking bulbs provide the necessary heat on the basking side, while a 100 W Reptile bulb helps keep it consistent on the cooler side.

For nighttime use, the lights should be turned off to conform to its natural diurnal patterns; however if your home isn’t meeting the recommended temperature range of 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit at night, then you could consider adding in supplemental heating with ceramic heat emitters in your reflector dome.

Tank Thermometer

A tank thermometer is an absolute must have for the terrarium of a Bearded Dragon. Without it, you won’t be able to provide the perfect environment for your dragon- as they need warm and arid conditions to live their best lives. For adult bearded dragons, the temperature of their basking area should remain between 90 and 93 degrees Fahrenheit, with a decrease to 80 to 90 degrees on the cooler side.

At night, temperatures should drop considerably lower, so having a tank thermometer is essential in order to ensure that your little friend has comfortable, safe surroundings throughout the day and night. It is essential to use a tank hydrometer to monitor the humidity inside a terrarium.

Since many thermometers already include this feature, you’ll be able to tell when you need either a dehumidifier or a mister quickly. Bearded Dragons prefer readings between 30% and 40%, which your equipment will make easy to attain!

A Hammock

Hammocks aren’t just for humans, they can bring immense joy and benefits to Bearded Dragons too! Not only do they provide an extra challenge with the swinging around and height, but they also give your pet somewhere comfortable to sleep and make them feel secure.

An added bonus of a hammock is that it can double up as a spot for exercise if your Beardie needs to lose some weight. Plus, it brings you closer to your scaly friend – once they’re cozy on their luxurious perch, they won’t want to hide in their sleeping spots anymore. So why not get your Beardie a hammock and let them experience the comfort it provides?

A Leash

A leash is definitely one accessory that every Bearded Dragon’s owner should get. It’s not only recommended, but it’s also practically a must. You see, unlike most lizards, Bearded Dragons actually enjoy going for a little walk with their owners while being kept safely in check on the end of a leash. Plus, it also gives them a chance to explore their natural curiosity as they wander around, which makes for a memorable experience all around.

Bearded Dragon Clothes

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Bearded Dragon Furniture

Finding the perfect furniture for your bearded dragon’s tank is essential. You want to make sure your dragon has a comfortable and safe place to call its home. Here are some great options that will provide a welcoming environment for your pet:

The Bearded Dragon Couch is an excellent choice. This couch comes in a variety of fabrics and is large enough to fit within the tank or be used outside it. Not only will it provide a cozy spot, but it can also help you save on space.

For those looking for something a little cheaper, there’s also an armchair available from the same seller at less than half the price. The Bearded Dragon Tank Accessories Kit offers everything you need to give your lizard’s habitat a pop of color and style.

Bearded Dragon Travel Carriers

When it comes to transporting your bearded dragon, you want to be sure that they are safe and comfortable every step of the way. There are a variety of Bearded Dragon Travel Carriers available on the market, making it easier than ever to find one that suits your needs.

Where to buy Bearded dragon accessories

Bearded dragon accessories are available from various different shops. Some specialised reptile pet shops might cater specifically for Bearded dragons and might stock all, or at least most of these accessories. A good pet shop will stock at least appropriate Bearded dragon heating accessories (thermometers, spotlight fittings, etc.) and Bearded dragon UV lights. Other accessories such as thermostats and timers will most probably be available from electrical wholesalers or from the internet.


In conclusion, a bearded dragon’s home should be as full of life and enjoyment as the rest of their natural habitat. To ensure your beardie is as healthy and happy as possible, you’ll need to include all the essential accessories in their tank: proper lighting, adequate space, water dishes, hiding spots, and entertaining items such as branches and balls.

Setting them up with the right type of accessories can go a long way in making sure they have all the necessary components they need to live their best life.