Bearded dragon accessories

To keep Bearded dragons as pet, additional accessories in the form of enclosure heating and lighting will be required. These accessories are vital in creation of a desert environment in which Bearded dragons will thrive.

The keeping of pet Bearded dragons was made significantly easier with the commercialisation of compact light sources and even more with the latest advances in artificial ultraviolet lighting sources. Additional accessories such as electrical timers, electrical thermostats and thermometers make it easy to control these devices.

Heat sources

For Bearded dragons heating, and lighting (see below), is supplied by using compact light sources. Heat pads and heat rocks are also popular, but should be used with caution. Overhead heating, with their appropriate connectors (fittings), can be installed in strategic places within the enclosure – away from coming in direct contact with Bearded dragons. The energy emitted by these sources are used as heat by Bearded dragons.

Heat sources can be any light source that emits the appropriate amount of heat, but commercial reptile heat lights come in the form of infra red lamps. The wattage of these lights usually determines their strengths. Heat sources can be used with thermometers and thermostats (see below). Also see correct Bearded dragon heating for more information…

Light sources

Recommended light source for Bearded dragons should be in the form of a commercial ultraviolet (UV) lighting. As with heating, lighting also needs to be installed inside the enclosure.

Commercial UV lighting comes in different shapes, sizes and strengths. Popular setups include incandescent spotlights and tube lights. Light sources can be used with electrical timers (see below). Also see Bearded dragon UV lighting for more information…


Thermometers are devices that measures the temperature. They can come in the form of simple chemical thermometers or more advanced digital ones. Also see Bearded dragon thermometers for more information…


A thermostat is an electrical device that controls heat emitting devices by only allowing it to function when a desired temperature range is achieved. In other words, they can be used to switch heat sources off when the temperature is too hot, or switch them on when the temperature is too low. Also see Bearded dragon thermostats for more information…

Where to buy Bearded dragon accessories

Bearded dragon accessories are available from various different shops. Some specialised reptile pet shops might cater specifically for Bearded dragons and might stock all, or at least most of these accessories. A good pet shop will stock at least appropriate Bearded dragon heating accessories (thermometers, spotlight fittings, etc.) and Bearded dragon UV lights. Other accessories such as thermostats and timers will most probably be available from electrical wholesalers or from the internet.